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Teeth Whitening

March 22 2022 | Author: Supernova Staff Editor(Jeffrey)

Our daily habits greatly influence the overall health and appearance of our teeth. What first comes to mind are the foods and drinks we consume. However, there are other factors, such as smoking and usage of other drugs, age, genetics, etc. Today, we will focus on the circumstances surrounding the whiteness of our teeth.

In most cases, yellowed teeth are a result of damage and wearing of the outermost layer known as the enamel. Coffee and tobacco are popular dark substances that come into contact with teeth and stain the enamel. There are other cases where discoloration reaches the inner layers of teeth. These scenarios may involve genetic factors, use of antibiotics and medications, trauma to developing teeth during childhood, etc.

When thinking about teeth whitening, it’s always important to first consult with your personal dentist. Without professional guidance, it is possible to achieve unfavorable results. Nowadays, many offices, like ours, offer in-office teeth whitening. At Supernova Dental, we are thrilled to thoroughly walk patients through the steps of achieving a smile they deserve. However, it’s important to note that the extent of how much lighter a patient’s desired smile, will vary from case to case. To get into the science of how this all works, a whitening gel is applied to a patient’s teeth. After some time, one of the gel’s active ingredients, known as hydrogen peroxide, is absorbed by the tooth and causes a reaction to break down discolored molecules; thus, removing stains.

Following a whitening procedure, a patient may experience side effects. Patients may feel discomfort and increased sensitivity around areas of the teeth. We encourage patients to use toothpaste that helps with sensitive teeth.

Maintaining the whiteness of the teeth is one of the most important steps in this entire treatment. Patients do not have to abandon drinking coffee and tea altogether, but they do have to be mindful of how much of these substances are being exposed to their teeth on a regular basis. Patients can also use whitening toothpaste to help remove surface stains. It is normal and expected that the whitening effect does fade over time. Therefore, it is completely normal for patients to periodically have maintenance with whitening every so often.

Overall, a healthy, confident smile can go a long way. Whether it be an upcoming job interview or interacting with friends and family, having nice and white teeth can help us be more comfortable and the best version of ourselves.