Keep Your Oral Health
At Its Peak

Preventative Dentistry Fairfax Virginia

While practicing good oral hygiene goes a long way in maintaining your oral health, it is important to visit your dentist for an appointment to detect, prevent or treat oral diseases before they cause irreversible damage. With Supernova Dental, your best neighborhood dentist in Fairfax, you can keep your oral health in check, the smart way.

teeth cleaning in fairfax, virginia

Let us thoroughly clean your teeth and effectively get rid of bad breath with our oral cleaning and hygiene services. We will also recommend treatments to address any issues we discover as well as changes you can make to improve your oral hygiene routine.

Digital X-Rays Fairfax Virginia

Let us uncover crucial information about your oral health. We utilize advanced digital x-ray machinery to detect anomalies in your gums, teeth, and jaw, allowing us to discover potential problems and recommend effective treatments more accurately.

Dental Exam Fairfax Virginia

We do more than just check for cavities. We will thoroughly assess every aspect from the oral cavity to the TMJ.  A comprehensive exam includes the evaluation of the head and neck, TMJ, soft tissue oral cancer screening, periodontal status, occlusion, and hard dentition. Followed by a thorough discussion and recommendations to address any problems we diagnosis. 

Periodontal Care Fairfax Virginia

A lot of germs thrive around your teeth and gums and if not treated, they may cause serious oral health issues. We use specialized equipment to detect periodontal disease and recommend the best treatment for you before any complications arise.