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Dementia and Tooth Loss

March 3 2022 | Author: Supernova Staff Editor(Jeffrey)

One of the most important concepts of dentistry is that the mouth is an entry point of the human body that dictates overall health. In other words, although a diagnosis from a dentist may be primarily focused in the mouth, it does not count out other issues a patient may be going through. Many people would be shocked to hear that our oral health can actually influence the likelihood of serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and related dementias[…]

Teeth Whitening

March 22 2022 | Author: Supernova Staff Editor(Jeffrey)

Our daily habits greatly influence the overall health and appearance of our teeth. What first comes to mind are the foods and drinks we consume. However, there are other factors, such as smoking and usage of other drugs, age, genetics, etc. Today, we will focus on the circumstances surrounding the whiteness of our teeth.[…]